Quality Control
IsCore Image Corelab (ICIC) follows the principle of "safety, specialty, and accuracy" to provide standard image reports.
Data Security
Firstly, we will remove the patient identification and information on images to ensure the privacy and safety of their information. Secondly, the images data will be graded corresponding to different security levels. The security measures will be taken for the images data according to the levels of data, which makes rational use of data resources. Meanwhile, we will use the authorization mechanism with the authority of addition, deletion, change, and check. Authorization is based on roles instead of operators themselves. Different operators will be granted the corresponding role identity that is assigned referring to the principle of "minimum privileges" meeting the role necessary to complete the work, while other unnecessary permissions will be prohibited to be granted to the role. Thirdly, we will implement the authentication mechanism for the operators who try to enter the database system where operators need to login to the specific account and password to pass the authentication. Finally, we will back up the images data at different intervals with different roles levels.
Standard Procedure
Every operator will be trained before the operation with a unified operation process, image interpretation, and result report. We will adopt a unified reporting format for the same researches. Different reporting formats will be adopted in different researches according to the demand for studies. The images reports will be inspected with the three-levels verification system. The low-level operators will draft the images reports, then the medial-level and high-level operators will review and verified the reports, respectively.
Result Accuracy
Image interpretation will be performed by two low-level operators back to back, and then will be reviewed and verified by medial-level and high-level operators, respectively. In case of inconsistency in image interpretation, the intra-team discussion will be conducted and determined. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, the most accurate image results.
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